Once widely maligned for leaking state secrets, Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, continues to win favor with the US right over the release of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. On Friday night, the Fox News personality Sean Hannity and David Duke, a US Senate candidate in Louisiana and former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, became the latest to offer their support. In response to a tweet from the Nebraska Republican senator Ben Sasse that was critical of the Clinton leaks, Hannity praised Assange and WikiLeaks for having “done the USA a great service” by exposing “government corruption” and cybersecurity weakness. Sean HannityRead More →

If you had “National Parks subtweet the new president” on your 2017 bingo card, today’s your lucky day. After the US National Parks Service was temporarily banned for retweeting images comparing Trump and Obama’s inaugurations, the official Twitter account of the appropriately named Badlands National Park, based in South Dakota, appeared to go rogue by posting a series of now-deleted tweets on climate change. Badlands National Park’s now-deleted tweets on climate change Photograph: Twitter The tweets were eventually deleted, and, while the official accounts may not be saying much right now, some “alternative” accounts have been set up. One, @BadHombreNPS tweeted: “Hey, friends. Here toRead More →

Several high-profile opinion writers and activists have vocally distanced themselves from today’s protest because of the alleged involvement of the Socialist Workers party (SWP), who they are critical of due to the handling of a rape allegation dating back to 2008. They include Owen Jones, who organised last Monday’s Downing Street protest and co-founded the Stop Trump Coalition. He said: “I’m not taking part in tomorrow’s Trump demo because of the leading role of the SWP in it, a cult which covered up rape.” Stop Trump (@UKStopTrump) Too often activist spaces aren’t a safe space for women. We’re committed to a zero tolerance approach toRead More →

Dear Spokane, Washington. The Guardian owes you an apology. On Tuesday, in anticipation of March Madness, we at Guardian US published a piece by Cody Delistraty, a writer and journalist who grew up in Spokane and is gunning for the Gonzaga Bulldogs in this year’s tournament. (Go Zags!) Cody’s essay was intended to reflect on the success of Gonzaga’s basketball team in their post-industrial surroundings, drawing on his own experience in the place he calls home. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite hit the right note, and it caused a storm among Spokanites. “The Guardian misses with flawed Spokane story,” wrote Poynter. “Hashtag trolls writer who portrayedRead More →

Is the cryptocurrency bitcoin the biggest bubble in the world today, or a great investment bet on the cutting edge of new-age financial technology? My best guess is that in the long run, the technology will thrive, but that the price of bitcoin will collapse. If you haven’t been following the bitcoin story, its price is up 600% over the past 12 months, and 1,600% in the past 24 months. At over $4,200 (as of 5 October), a single unit of the virtual currency is now worth more than three times an ounce of gold. Some bitcoin evangelists see it going far higher in theRead More →

Another day, another massive data breach.  Equifax, Capital One, Marriott … the list seems endless.  And as more of our personal information is digitized, the risk of it ending up in the wrong hands rises, leaving us increasingly vulnerable to identity theft and trashed credit. But while the scope of these data breaches can seem overwhelming (1.1 billion identities were exposed in 2016 alone), the reality is that you are not powerless. You can defend yourself, and you don’t have to go off the grid and hide out in a bunker in New Zealand. One of the most powerful ways to defend yourself is aRead More →

Want To Bet Now On The Heisman Trophy Winner? Maybe Don’t. | FiveThirtyEight Skip to main content Jake Lourim is a freelance writer in Washington. He most recently worked for the Louisville Courier-Journal. @jakelourim  Get us in your inbox. Stories that resonated Get a newsletter of our most popular stories of the week. Subscribe Source linkRead More →

If you are planning to live independently and you still cannot afford to buy a house, then living in an apartment seems to be a practical choice for now. Apartment hunting can be a tough task to handle if you have no idea where to start, what to look for, and what to do. This feeling is normal for first-timers; that is why you need a guide to make things less overwhelming. Here are some tips to get you started. Know your budget How much money are you willing to spend on rent alone? Ideally, it should only be within the 20% bracket of yourRead More →